This page gives short introduction to Agile Apex features. For more detailed feature descriptions, see our manual.

Projects - Releases - Sprints

Agile Apex high level hierarchy contains unlimited amount of projects, releases and sprints. One project can contain multiple releases and one release can contain multiple sprints.

Hierarchical backlogs

Backlog contains flexible task tree. Tasks can be logically organized as needed and task order is preserved. For example, top level task can serve as epic, theme or subject line.

Sprint planning

User may drag-and-drop tasks between sprint and product backlog. Sprint planning page is easy to use and flexible. Task can be reordered and re-estimated at any time.

Product backlog

Product backlog can be managed by project managers or sprint planners in a different page, so they don't need to pay attention to sprint level details. Tasks in product backlog can be edited and reordered same way than in the sprint planning page.

Task board

Team members can edit and report their progress in the Task board page. Managers, product owners and other interest groups can also easily view progress in the Task board page.

User authorization and management

The most important user information is the authorization level. Authorization level gives detailed control over what user can and can not do in the application. Authorization levels are also very flexible, for example all users can have Admin authorization if that kind of flexibility is required in the organization.

All Features


Unlimited amount of projects.


Unlimited amount of releases.


Unlimited amount of sprints.

Tasks and tree structures

Task tree structures with unlimited depth, effort estimations, point person, etc.

Task effort estimation

Effort estimation with positive integer numbers.

Product backlog page

Separate page for product backlog.

Sprint planning page

Flexible sprint planning.

Task board page

Easy to review sprint's current situation in a separate page.

User management

User names, authorization levels and high level password encryption.

User authorization levels

Six different levels for detailed control: Viewer, Reporter, Sprint Planner, Manager and Admin